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Student Summer Scholarships Grades K-5
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Virginia Association for the Gifted

Summer Scholarship - Grades K-5


The Virginia Association for the Gifted (VAG) Student Summer Scholarships are designed for those gifted and talented students who wish to attend academic or artistic programs during the summer months.  The scholarships are in amounts ranging from $100 to $400 (see funding schedule below) and are available for students, K-12.  Applications must be postmarked on or before March 27, 2020.  All applicants will be notified of their award status by April 30, 2020.


Applying for a scholarship through Virginia Association for the Gifted does not constitute application to a specific program; you must make application to the summer program of your choice directly.  Virginia Association for the Gifted scholarships are contingent on acceptance into the program.  Many programs offer financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants.  You must contact the program directly for information on their scholarship and grant offerings.  Scholarship checks are made payable to the program only and not to individual students or their families.  


Application Instructions

Please read these instructions carefully prior to completing the application.

  • Applicants must be identified as gifted by their Virginia school division.  It is highly recommended that all summer scholarships go through the gifted education staff in the student’s school division in order to verify gifted eligibility.

  •  Virginia applicants who are home-schooled or attend private school must provide appropriate testing evidence of giftedness with test scores of 97% or above on a nationally – normed achievement or aptitude measure taken within the past 12 months.  Virginia Association for the Gifted reserves the right to determine what type of testing is appropriate for consideration.

  • Applicants must adhere to the essay space and recommendation length limitations.
  • Applicants must not submit samples of their work or any portfolio items.  Information of this type will be removed from applications prior to evaluation.
  • Submit only the required number of recommendations.  One parent/guardian recommendation and one adult/professional recommendation are needed for the student application.  The selection committee will remove any additional letters of recommendation from the application prior to evaluation.  In general, the best written responses discuss the strengths of the applicant and give specific examples to support them.  They are specific to the individual being recommended and help the evaluators understand the personality of the applicant.
  • Incomplete applications are not considered.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application packet is complete. 
  • Attach a description of the summer program you are applying for a scholarship to attend. A copy of the program description in the program brochure meets this requirement.  Applications without a description of the program are considered incomplete.
  • If applying by mail, applications received with a postmark later than March 27, 2020, will be considered late and automatically disqualified from consideration by the Awards Committee. 
  • A current Virginia Association for the Gifted member must sign the application as a sponsor in order for the application to be considered complete.  If there are doubts as to current membership, Virginia Association for the Gifted membership applications may be submitted on the Virginia Association for the Gifted’s website at An application lacking Virginia Association for the Gifted sponsorship is considered incomplete.  It is highly recommended that Virginia Association for the Gifted membership questions be directed to the student’s school division gifted education office.
  • No more than one scholarship is awarded to a single individual within a three-year period.
  • Students with disabilities requiring accommodations, please contact the VAG office.
  • Applications mailed to an invalid address will be disqualified from consideration by the Awards Committee. 
  • Programs that are free to the student or are sponsored by the student’s school division’s gifted education office on a sliding scale are not eligible for scholarship assistance.


How Summer Scholarship Applications are scored.


Written responses on the applications are evaluated holistically.  Three independent readers use the following rubric to evaluate the applications.


Superior:  This response answers the questions very thoroughly and completely.  Wording is clear and precise, leaving no doubts about the intended meaning.  There are detailed and elaborated responses, providing specific and appropriate examples about the applicant.


Commendable:  This response is clear and to the point, with generally strong vocabulary.  It leaves little doubt as to the intended meaning.  There are somewhat detailed and elaborated responses to the questions, specific and appropriate examples about the applicant are evident.


Acceptable:  This response is done in a clear and straightforward manner, with little doubt about the intended meaning, but is not as thorough as the responses above.  Examples are provided, but little detail or elaboration is evident in the response.  It has some elements of a 4 or 5, but lacks the same overall depth and quality shown in those responses.


Limited:  This response is vague and lacks a clear focal point.  The writing relates to the topic, but it contains few specific examples about the applicant.  There is very little in the way of detail or elaboration in the response, and does not fully answer the questions.


Inadequate:  This response is very weak; it does not address the question in any meaningful way.  It lacks any specific examples about the applicant, and everything is stated in a very basic way.  This response also may be off-track and not relevant to the application.


How Summer Scholarship Applications are funded.


The Virginia Association for the Gifted will present scholarships according to the award schedule itemized below and will not exceed the total scholarship budget approved and voted upon by the Virginia Association for the Gifted Board.  Each scholarship will be paid directly to the awarded student’s summer program.  The scholarships are awarded annually by the Virginia Association for the Gifted Scholarship and Awards Committee.

Scholarship Funding for Summer of 2020:

  • Program Costs      over $2000                               Award of up to     $400
  • Program Costs      $1000 - $1999                          Award of up to     $300
  • Program Costs      $500 - $999                              Award of up to     $200
  • Program Costs      $499 and under                        Award of up to     $100


Any questions about the Summer Scholarship Application process should be directed to Virginia Association for the Gifted at


Application must be submitted on or before March 27, 2020

* Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


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